Local Organizing Committee

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is responsible for providing the Congress Organizers with important advice on every aspect of organizing the event including the program, logistics, sponsoring, venue, security and accommodation.

Firstname  Lastname  Role 
Arunaloke Chakrabarti Congress chair
Prakash Shastri Congress co-chair
Shivaprakash Rudramurthy Congress co-chair
Rajeev Soman Scientific Chair
Subhash Todi Scientific co-chair Clinical
Atul Patel Scientific co-chair Clinical
Niranjan Nayak Scientific co-chair Laboratory
Anupma Jyoti Kindo Scientific co-chair Laboratory
Rajendra Prasad Scientific co-chair Basic
Kaustuv Sanyal Scientific co-chair Basic
George D’souza Scientific co-chair One health
O.C. Abraham Scientific co-chair One health
Pradip Bhattacharyya Scientific co-chair Workshop
Anuradha Chowdhary Scientific co-chair Workshop
Ram GopalKrishan Scientific co-chair Posters
Shukla Das Scientific co-chair Posters
Ritesh Agarwal Treasure
Jayanthi Savio Co-treasure
Shirish Prayag Chair sponsoring
Rajesh Chawla Chair sponsoring
Bansidhar Tarai Chair sponsoring
Banke Lal Sherwal Chair liaison
Prakash Shastri Chair liaison
Banke Lal Sherwal Chair Venue, Transport & Accommodation
Anup Ghosh Chair catering
Pratibha Kale Chair catering
Malini Capoor Chair social programme
Vijaylata Rastogi Chair social programme
Suneetha Narreddy Chair publication
Chand Wattal Chair publication
Immacullata Xess Chair exhibition
Arvind Baronia Chair exhibition
Tanu Singhal Chair media
Sara Gago Chair Young Isham
Gagandeep Singh Chair Young Isham