Submission symposium proposals

Abstract submission for symposia or interactive session proposals is closed.

About symposia

The meeting will include 50 symposia, each running for 90 minutes. A symposium consists of three 25 minutes time slots for invited presentations and a 15 minutes time slot for an oral presentation selected from the admitted abstracts.

We aim to have four tracks: clinical, lab based clinical, basic sciences and special interest group. Your session will be highlighted in one of these tracks. Please see the preliminary program schedule on  

About interactive sessions

Interactive Sessions can take a number of forms, for example: debate, quiz, or workshop. They do not conform to any single structure. This is an opportunity for facilitators, invited speakers, and attendees to generate solutions together, and draw on each other’s collective expertise through mixed methods of active listening, discussion, presentation, and other creative interactions. It is designed to give organizers freedom and flexibility to craft a unique session that will provide meaningful results, and carry forward work beyond the conference. The interactive sessions must be open for all conference attendees and must not exceed more than 3 organizers. Interactive sessions also last 90 minutes.

Proposal format

Proposals must contain the following information:

  • Session title
  • Session type
    Symposium or interactive session
  • In case of an interactive session: proposed form
    Debate, quiz, workshop, other
  • In case of a symposium: proposed theme
    clinical, lab based clinical, basic sciences or special interest group.
  • Organizer (name, institute, email).
    This person is the point of contact for the session and responsible for communicating
    with the moderator and speakers.
  • Moderator (name, institute, email)
    This person is moderating the session and may not serve as a speaker in this session.
  • Short description of the symposium / interactive session (max. 300 words)
    It will appear in the online program and be read by attendees deciding whether or not to attend the session.

The following fields are only applies for symposium proposals.

  • 1st tentative talk and speaker (name, institute, email)
    Only speakers who have been contacted and have committed to the session should be listed.
  • 2nd tentative talk and speaker (name, institute, email)
    Only speakers who have been contacted and have committed to the session should be listed.
  • 3rd tentative talk and speaker (name institute, email)
    Only speakers who have been contacted and have committed to the session should be listed.

Review Criteria

All proposals will be peer reviewed and scored by the Abstract Selected Committee. Session organizers will be notified of decisions by the end of March, 2020.

After acceptance decisions have been made and the scheduling for the meeting is underway, cancellations and schedule changes are very disruptive to meeting planning. It is therefore very important that symposium organizers obtain firm commitments from their invited speakers before submitting their proposal.

Symposia Policies & Guidelines

  • Organizers for symposia are responsible for coordinating the session, communicating policies to their presenters and moderator and schedule all deadlines.
  • Presenters in accepted symposia sessions must submit abstracts through the Call for Abstracts: April 1st, 2020. It is the responsibility of the session organizer to communicate, remind, and ensure that all presenters in their symposium have submitted an abstract for their talk by the deadline: October 31, 2020. Each abstract will be reviewed by at least two individuals who will have access to all information contained in the proposal.
  • Speakers who fail to submit an abstract on time will be removed from the session. It is the responsibility of the session organizer to make sure each speaker submits an abstract for his/her talk using the unique link that will be emailed to each speaker in mid March. 2020. It is important to make sure all of your speakers are aware of the abstract submission deadline early on.
  • Organizers, presenters and moderators in accepted symposia must register for the conference by the regular registration deadline, October 31, 2020. Registration will not be waived for any speaker. We greatly appreciate the contributions of the speakers and moderators and we may offer a special registration fee for moderators and speakers, however travel and accommodation has to be covered by themselves our sponsoring society.
  • We are unable to honor scheduling requests. When asking speakers to commit to the session, organizers should inform them that the session could be scheduled any day Tuesday through Saturday We cannot schedule or move a session to accommodate the availability of speakers.